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Crisis Planning


  • Crisis Response
  • Lead and Manage My School, Emergency Planning, Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools This page provides information that can help school leaders plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts.
  • Idaho State Department of Education, Safe and Secure Schools Website The Idaho Emergency Operation Planning Guide For Safe and Secure Schools includes the following information: Recommended Crisis Planning Steps; NIMS-ICS models; Hazards, Critical and Essential Operations; Assigning Responsibilities; Emergency Procedures; Accounting for People; Communication, Notification and Public Information; Damage Assessment and Facility Closure; Reporting; and Resources. When assisting with update the district or school crisis plan School Counselors will want to take a close look at the following three appendices: Appendix C: Incident Response Job Descriptions; Appendix E: Sample Forms; Appendix F: Planning for the Psychological Aftermath of School Tragedy.
  • Federal government website on Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Provides information on trainings and resources. Under the link provided below are many additional links to Educational Materials and Resources; How to Prepare for a Crisis; Mental Health Services for Children Following a Trauma; and Planning for Students with Disabilities.

Sharing Among Professionals

Do you have resources or thoughts that you want to share with your colleagues regarding crisis planning? Contact us with your thoughts and copies of those resources. Put "Crisis Planning Toolkit Resources" in the subject line. If the material is appropriate for this website, it will be added to this page!