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  • Informed Consent courtesy of Joint School District No. 2, Meridian, Idaho
  • Idaho Legislature Website, Statute 9-302 Confidential Relations and Communications.
    This state law provides: “Any certificated counselor, psychologist or psychological examiner, duly appointed, regularly employed and designated in such capacity by any public or private school in this state for the purpose of counseling students, shall be immune from disclosing, without the consent of the student, any communication made by any student so counseled or examined in any civil or criminal action to which such student is a party. Such matters so communicated shall be privileged and protected against disclosure.”
  • ARTICLE: Privacy and Confidentiality in School Counseling
  • ARTICLE: When Parents Want to Know: Responding to Parental Demands for Confidential Information
  • Educator's Guide, Confidentiality of Student Records written by Elaine Eberharter-Maki and Diane M. Tappen . $42.00. Fax # (208) 367-1560. Mail payment to: Eberharter-Maki and Tappen, PA, 818 La Cassia Drive, Boise, ID 83705. Guide covers both state and federal requirements, recent case law and U.S. Department of Education interpretations. Guide is organized into an easy question-and-answer format.

Sharing Among Professionals

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