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Guidance Presentations & Resources

2015 Summer Conference Session Presentations


Free Career Prep Tools at Lili.org

If someone is interested in an archived webinar about LearningExpress Library, we have it available at http://icfl.adobeconnect.com/p48h4bor086/.

Presenter: Shirley Biladeau and Gina Persichini, Idaho Commission of Libraries


PTE Advanced Opportunities

Presenter: Adrian SanMiguel, PTE


Advanced Opportunities in the New Year!

Presenter: Tina Polishchuk and Matthew McCarter, Idaho State Department of Education


Micromessaging to Reach Every Student

Presenter: ISU, Center for New Directions (CND)


Micromessaging to Reach Every Student

Presenter: CSI, Center for New Directions (CND), Crystal Ayers & Pat Weber


Employment: Applicable Questions to Find the Right Job

Presenter: Lauren Noble and Alan Aamodt, Idaho Division of Vocational Rehab


Career-Life Balance Presentation & Career-Life Balance Worksheet

Presenter: Sarah Kempton, Blue Cross of Idaho


YES! Employment and Development is a Reality for Anyone

Presenter: Lance Kaldor, Idaho Department of Labor


Data Updates - Transition Coordinators

Presenter: Heather Luchte, PTE


CND - Perkins Improvement Plan

Presenter: Heather Luchte, PTE


Connecting PTE to Careers in Idaho

Presenter: Wendi Secrist, Caty Solace, PTE