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We are now accepting applications for two new tracks of the Certified Public Manager® Program. The tracks will be in Boise and Eastern Idaho, and classes will begin in September 2015.

The application deadline is May 2, 2015. To be considered for enrollment, all applications must be approved and submitted by your organization’s CPM Coordinator or HR staff. We will review the applications and notify selected candidates in July 2015.

We anticipate starting a Northern Track in 2016 or 2017 and will keep you updated on our progress toward that goal.

If you have any questions about CPM or the application process, please contact Alexis Pickering via email at Alexis.Pickering@pte.idaho.gov or at 429-5553.

CPM® Graduate Comments...

“I thoroughly enjoyed the CPM experience and would highly recommend the program to others. I learned a great deal from the classes…as I expected I would. The unanticipated benefit of participation in the program was the knowledge I gained about other state agencies of Idaho state government, the enhanced understanding of the functions and operations of other agencies; and the creation of lasting friendships with Idaho state employees that I had the opportunity to meet through CPM.”



“The CPM course was extremely worthwhile. The true value came into focus for me once I became more familiar with my associates in the program and their particular backgrounds and skill sets. Even though it has been three years since graduation, I still regularly rely upon some of my classmates to talk through various issues in the workplace.”



“The caliber of instructors and materials used in the CPM program are outstanding. The courses are relevant and provide the participants with the opportunity to develop and hone skills needed to manage within the state system. I think the clear advantage to this program over any other is the direct correlation in each class to the state of Idaho. The access to state experts is wonderful, and many instructors offer themselves as resources. I think the program clearly meets the goal of developing public sector managers. I also like the format, which provides opportunity to the participants to take theory and put it into practice in the workplace, before going to the next topic.”



“I greatly under estimated the CPM program. I did not expect personal change. CPM® went beyond just reaffirming some of my work strengths. I received an education that made me become introspective and expose some of my weaknesses. I found myself looking at work situations and people differently. I started applying techniques to improve leadership, motivate team members, and gain greater purpose for managing. At first, I did not stop to think change was coming from my CPM experience. However, a gradual realization crept in.”



“This program has legs, and can take my team to new places in performing our work. Every graduate of CPM must complete a project as part of the requirement to become a Certified Public Manager. I cannot over emphasize how meaningful and important this is for the CPM candidate and their organization. The project tested me at many levels. It brought into focus the many techniques, methods, and knowledge gained by going through the various classes and assignments. It is a privilege to be a part of something which enables the individual to take life to next level.”