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What is CPM?

CPM is a nationally-accredited management development program for public sector managers. Many states, including Idaho, offer this program. Idaho’s program is administered through the Idaho's Division of Professional-Technical Education (PTE).


Who is eligible to participate?

Applicants need to:

  • Be an employee of Idaho government
  • Be employed as a manager or supervisor; be responsible for managing a program; or be identified by the agency as having potential for advancement into management
  • Be endorsed by an immediate supervisor and the agency director
  • Commit to completion of the program within required timelines
  • Meet program enrollment pre-requisites


How do I apply?

You may apply when a new track begins. New tracks are announced to all agency human resource officers and posted on this website. Applicants complete an application to submit it their agency management who in turn send it to the Agency CPM coordinator for processing. Upon review, agencies forward approved applications to the the CPM Administrator at PTE. A CPM selection committee makes the final selections.


What does it cost and who pays?

The current cost is $2,375. Payment is divided into five payments of $475 for each level, paid over 2 to 3 fiscal years. In most cases, the agency pays the costs.


What's the benefit of the program?

For you...

  • Gain valuable knowledge and skills to be a more effective manager
  • Network with peers to gain ideas, support, and resources valuable throughout your public management career
  • Receive tangible career benefits - historically, one third of CPM graduates receive promotions

For your agency...

  • Improve government service
  • Provide for succession planning
  • Promote workplace innovation


I have a college degree. Do I need CPM?

If you want management training specific to Idaho government or want to be a better public manager, this program will benefit you.


How long does the program take?

The program requires 300 hours of instruction over 24-30 months which includes a culminating job-related project.


Where is the program offered?

CPM tracks are offered in 3 areas of the state: The Treasure Valley, Northern Idaho, and Eastern Idaho. Magic Valley candidates would commit to either The Treasure Valley or Eastern Idaho location. Participants remain in their assigned track throughout the program. North Idaho classes alternate between Lewiston and CDA. Eastern Idaho classes are usually held in Blackfoot.


How often classes held and what is the attendance policy?

Classes are held 2-3 days per month with no classes in July or August. All classes must be attended to qualify for national certification. Classes are normally held during work hours.


Who teaches the classes?

Instructors include university professors, professional consultants, and specialists employed with the State of Idaho.


Does CPM require homework?

Yes, assignments include special reading, book reviews, reports, and completion of a job-related project.


What’s required in the CPM Project?

A job-related project must be completed for certification. The project is an individual endeavor, intended to provide a practical change or process improvement that benefits your agency. It has a specific format for completion and is rated by a committee according to prescribed criteria. The project is completed over a 9-12 month period.