Learn, Lead, Succeed!


Applications are accepted only when a new track (cohesive geographic group) is ready to be enrolled. The announcement of a new track is sent to agency CPM Coordinators and also appears on the News page of this website. Agency Coordinators forward approved applications to the CPM Administrator at PTE for final selection. The CPM Administrator works with the CPM Selection Committee and advises applicants of their status and next steps for enrollment.

Eligibility for Enrollment

A CPM Applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be employed by an Idaho government entity
  • Hold one of the following positions:

    …A supervisor or manager
    …A program manager responsible for technical or professional support
    …An individual identified by an agency as showing potential for advancement into management

  • Receive the endorsement of an immediate
    supervisor or higher management
  • Commit to complete requirements for certification
  • Complete approved pre-requisites

Pre-requisites for Enrollment

State of Idaho employees are encouraged to complete the Supervisory Academy with the Division of Human Resources to fulfill the pre-requisite requirement for CPM. Should the Supervisory Academy not be a practical option, applicants can substitute a selection from one of the categories below.

Applicants from other Idaho government entities may fulfill the pre-requisite requirement by using criteria from any one of the main categories below:

Category I - Supervision/Management Training
A minimum of 30 hours of supervision or management training within the past seven (7) years which included:

Category II - Education
A related higher degree within the past fifteen (15) years such as:

  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Public Administration

Category III - Experience
A minimum of two (2) years as a supervisor or manager which required performing the functions of performance management.

Category IV - Supervisor Endorsement
A supervisor may endorse a quality candidate by providing written documentation of the candidate’s aptitude, motivation, and commitment, using the components below:

  • Leadership – shows the ability to inspire and lead others; has a vision for the organization and its future
  • Management – works with and through others to achieve results; is able to self-manage
  • Communication – writes and speaks with clarity and preciseness for maximum understanding; demonstrates good listening skills
  • Motivation – is enthusiastic about their work; is self-directed
  • Influence – is inspiring to others, indicating a positive regard to State service and the CPM program
  • Self Development – is interested in life-long learning and developing skills and knowledge; takes on personal challenges
  • Flexibility – is open to change and new ideas; can cope with ambiguity
  • Work Quality & Productivity – maintains top quality and productivity of work assignments
  • Ability to Meet Program Requirements – can meet the expectations and assignment of the CPM program in a professional manger
  • Professional Image – presents an image of leadership and management through professional behavior and demeanor

Program Fees

Registration fees total $2,375, paid in five payments of $475 per level over 2-3 fiscal years. The first payment is due when a new track program begins.  Fees are normally paid by the sponsoring agency.



  • Complete application form online, print, and sign
  • Document eligibility requirements and motivation for enrollment as two separate documents and attach to your application
  • Obtain your supervisor’s signature and the signature of your administrator and/or director on your application
  • Submit the printed application and documents to your agency CPM Coordinator for processing