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Scholarship Advice for Seniors

  1. Get organized. Set up a file for each month. Add scholarship applications to the monthly file when they are due (or the month prior to when they are due). Work on applications as they come up. Dedicate at least one hour per week to finding and applying for scholarships.
  2. Still not sure what you want to do, where you want to go to school, or what your major will be? Use Idaho's Career Information System to aid in your decision-making process.
  3. If you are planning to attend schools in state, be sure to apply for the Idaho Promise and Governor’s Cup awards.
  4. If you'd like to attend any of Idaho's Technical or Community Colleges, be sure to apply for the variety of scholarships that are available.
  5. Apply for local community scholarships in the spring. Your chances of receiving these awards are considerably higher than most regional, state or national awards.
  6. Negotiate with the college of your choice for reduced tuition. It doesn't hurt to ask!
  7. Ask your intended school what scholarships they have for freshmen.
  8. Ask the DEPARTMENT at the school where you are interested in attending what scholarships they have to offer college freshmen.
  9. Watch the monthly scholarship bulletin boards/newsletters that your counselor(s) post.
  10. Listen for new scholarship announcements on your school’s daily announcements!
  11. Meet with the scholarship advisor/counselor periodically to discuss scholarship opportunities.
  12. Don't stop applying for scholarships throughout your college career! Many college departmental scholarships are for students after their freshman year.