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Program of Study for Health Professions

    Active Health Professions Curriculum
     (Secondary and Postsecondary)
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Active Health Professions Curriculum

COURSE NO. Course Title
HP 0230 Idaho Nursing Assistant Curriculum 2013
  Procedure Lists for Testable Skills
  Manual Skills Test Charting Sheet
  Dear Candidate Letter

Note: The above curriculum guide contains the Nursing Assistant Skills Objectives. However, it does not include the "Rater's Guidelines for Evaluating the Manual Skills Competency of Nursing Assistants in Idaho" document.

Please contact the postsecondary institution in your geographic area (see below) for review of the "Rater's Guidelines".


Eastern Idaho Technical College
Idaho State University
College of Western Idaho
Lewis-Clark State College
North Idaho College
College of Southern Idaho


Instructor Development Course:
Section I
Section II
Section III
Section IV

Postsecondary Assistance with Medications for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Curriculum Guide 2013
  Instructor Guide & Student Workbook
**  Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship Curriculum Level 1
**  Nursing Assistant Curriculum Level 2 (Advanced)
**  Nursing Assistant Mentor Curriculum Level 3 (Mentor)
**  Pharmacy Technician
**  Practical Nursing
  Phlebotomist (VoEd 303t)
HP 0130 & Fundamentals for Health Professions
HP 0133 Idaho Health Education Content Standards
  Health Standards Crosswalk for HP 130 & HP 133
HP 0237 EMT-B for Secondary Education (PTE 400) Split into 4 separate files below:
  Didactic Sections 1 - 4
  Didactic Sections 5 - 7
  Clinical (Lab/Psychomotor)
HP 0330 Fundamentals of Dental Assisting Curriculum
  Fundamentals of Dental Assisting Statewide Curriculum Guide
  Dental Assisting Expanded Functions Statewide Curriculum
HP 0432 Physical Therapy Aide **
Postsecondary Physical Therapy Assistant **
HP 0434 Occupational Therapy Aide **
Postsecondary Occupational Therapy Assistant (Certified) **
HP 0435 Speech - Language Pathology Aide **
Postsecondary Speech - Language Pathology Assistant **
HP 0445 Sports Medicine / Athletic Training Aide (VoEd 302)
HP 0446 Personal Trainer
HP 0530 Training Providers of Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities: Level I **
HP 0535 Orientation to Health Care and Human Occupations **
  Medication Assistant-Certified (MA-C) Curriculum
  Dacum Research Chart for Certified Athletic Trainers
**  Supported Employment Personnel

Postsecondary = (college level) curricula
** These documents are available.
Please contact Joanne Clovis, Health Program Manager, for CDs of curriculum

Competency No. Competencies by COURSE TITLE
HO 0442 Combination Nursing Assistance / Developmental Disabilities
HO 0130 Health Occupations for Secondary Schools, Year One
HO 0235 Health Unit Clerk
HO 0235 Medical Assistant: Administrative and Clinical (Secondary)
Postsecondary Medical Assistant: Administrative and Clinical (Postsecondary)
HO 0233 Mental Health Assistant
HO 0434 Occupational Therapy Aide
Postsecondary Phlebotomist (Postsecondary)
HO 0432 Physical Therapy Aide
HO 0530 Service Providers for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
HO 0435 Speech-Language Pathology Aide
Postsecondary Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) (Postsecondary)
HO 0445 Sports Medicine / Athletic Training