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Health Professions Instructor Qualifications

All secondary and postsecondary health professions educators in Idaho must be vocationally certified to teach. For detailed information regarding instructor qualifications for vocational educators in Idaho, please link to the Idaho Department of Education Professional School Personnel Certification Standards manual.

Special Notes:

  1. The person qualified to teach Orientation to Health Occupations: Year One needs to be nationally or state certified as a health care professional and have recent work experience in their health care field.
  2. Idaho Board of Nursing: Nursing Assistant Training Program Standards
    (Nurse Aide Registry and Licensing Renewals)
  3. Grades 6-12 teachers holding a health occupations endorsement are approved to teach "health" courses for high school graduation credit.
  4. RNs are the approved instructor for the Assistance With Medications for Personal Care Providers course.
  5. Pharmacists and RNs are the approved instructors for the Assistance With Medications for Personnel in Residential Care Facilities course.
  6. IV Therapy training can be provided for LPNs by hospital, nursing facilities, clinics, and medical centers by employees of those same facilities if:

    a. the instructor meets Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education certification guidelines;

    b. the training is limited to LPNs or RNs;

    c. the facility submits a yearly contract, yearly fee, administrative fee per student, and completes documentation for every class;

    d. the facility promotes and requires the use of universal precautions in training as well as in non-training related patient care.

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