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Idaho Digital Learning Academy

What is Idaho Digital Learning Academy?

In 2002, the Idaho state legislature created Idaho Digital Learning. Its purpose is to provide students, statewide, with greater access to a diverse selection of courses taught by highly qualified teachers. This accredited, state-sponsored online school addresses the educational needs of all Idaho students: traditional, home schooled, at-risk, gifted learners, PTE.

What Health Professions courses does IDLA offer?

For the 2010-2011 school year, two courses in the Health Professions program of study are scheduled: Health Occupations, and Medical Terminology.  Both courses are currently offered with a dual-credit option through CSI.  Medical Terminology will run for the first time in January, with more sessions offered as demand grows next year.  Here is the current schedule of offerings:

Fall 2010 Semester

September 16 week session - Sept 10 - Jan 14

  • Health Occupations
  • Dual-credit Health Occupations

November 12 week session:  Nov 26 - Feb25

  • Health Occupations

Spring 2011 Semester
January 16 week session
Term: January 21 - May 13, 2011

  • Fundamentals of Health Occupations
  • Dual-credit Fundamentals of Health Occupations
  • Medical Terminology
  • Dual-credit Medical Terminology

How do students register?
Students can contact their school’s site coordinator to find out if online learning is right for them and to register for an IDLA course. Fees are $75 per course. Scholarships are available. Fees are waived for AP, dual credit and ISAT Math, Reading and Language Arts courses.

How do districts contact IDLA?
Idaho Digital Learning
1303 E. Central Dr., Suite 200
Meridian, ID  83642
Phone: (208) 342-0207

Fax:  (208) 342-1031