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Postsecondary Occupational Specialist Application Packet

Application Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended for those individuals who want to teach in a technical college PTE program by meeting the requirements of industry-based certification.

1) Complete and sign the Postsecondary Occupational Specialist application (Application for an Idaho Postsecondary Occupational Specialist)

2) Attach the following suporting documents to complete the application packet

      • Educational Data: Transcripts (if applicable) from the college or university demonstrating completion of postsecondary coursework. Copies of official transcripts will be accepted. Only official transcripts will be accepted starting September 1, 2015.
      • Employment Experience: The resume should be used to document employment experience. Please ensure that bullet points under each work experience listed itemizes the specific and primary job duties of each position.
      • Occupational Related Licensure (if applicable): Documentation of licensure from appropriate state and/or national agency and their requirements for teaching in a PTE program.

      Submission of Application

      Mail completed application materials to:
      Professional-Technical Education
      Teacher Certification
      P.O. Box 83720
      Boise, Idaho 83720-0095