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Fee Schedule

Secondary Certificates

A non-refundable fee shall accompany each application for a pre-kindergarten through grade twelve (12) certificate, alternate certificate, change in certificate or replacement as follows:

  • original certificate, all types, issued for five (5) years: $75
    • Interim and/or Limited Occupational Specialist certificates will be issued as three-year, non-renewable certificates with fees being the same as other original certificates.
  • renewal certificate, all types, issued for five (5) years: $75
  • alternate route certificate, all types, issued for one (1) year: $100
  • additions or changes during the life of an existing certificate: $25
  • to replace an existing certificate: $10

Postsecondary Certificates

The fee structure does not apply to professional-technical specialists at the technical college level who possess letters of approval allowing them to work in schools teaching students above grade 12. Currently there is no charge for postsecondary certification.