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Definitions and Acronyms



01. Active Teacher. K-12 teacher with a valid Idaho certificate who is currently teaching in an Idaho K-12 classroom/school. (3-16-04)

02. Alternative Routes. Routes to teacher certification designed for candidates who want to enter the teaching profession from non-education professions or the para-educator profession, or for teachers lacking certification in a specific area defined as an emergency district need. (3-16-04)

03. Credential. The general term used to denote the document on which all of a person's educational certificates and endorsements are listed. The holder is entitled to provide educational services in any and/or all areas listed on the credential. (3-16-04)

04. Endorsement. Term used to refer to the content area or specific area of expertise in which a holder is granted permission to provide services. (3-16-04)

05. Idaho Student Achievement Standards. Standards of achievement for Idaho's K-12 students. See IDAPA 08.02.03, "Rules Governing Thoroughness". (3-16-04)

06. Institutional Recommendation. Signed form or written verification from an accredited institution with an approved teacher preparation program stating that an individual has completed the program and is now being recommended for state certification. (3-16-04)

07. Orientation. School district/school process used to acquaint teachers new to district/school on its policies, procedures and processes. (3-16-04)

08. Para-Educator. Aides and assistants employed by school districts to supplement instruction and provide additional assistance to students. (3-16-04)

09. Pedagogy. Teaching knowledge and skills. (3-16-04)


ABCTE - American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence
ABE - Adult Basic Education
C of I - College of Idaho
CWI - College of Western Idaho
BSU - Boise State University
BYU-Idaho - Brigham Young University Idaho
CHC - Criminal History Check
ESL - English as a Second Language
IASA - Idaho Association of School Administrators
ISU - Idaho State University
IBEDS - Idaho Basic Education Data System
LCSC - Lewis-Clark State College
NASDTEC - National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification
NIA - NASDTEC Interstate Agreement
NCATE - National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
NCLB - No Child Left Behind
PDP - Professional Development Plan
PSC - Professional Standards Commission
PTE – Profesional-Technical Education
SBOE - State Board of Education
SDE - State Department of Education
U of I - University of Idaho