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Who Carries Out the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)?

Who is going to make this happen in your school?

It is the primary responsibility of the school administrator to ensure the Parent-Approved Individual Graduation Plan is developed before the student exits the eighth grade and it is reviewed on an annual basis. However, in most schools, one staff person is not adequate to accomplish this task. All staff must get involved if "all students" are to be served.

What is an effective way to accomplish this task?

  • Develop a plan to get staff and administrative support
  • Principals, teachers and counselors provide professional support and implementation for the process.
  • School boards and superintendents provide essential support to the process.
  • Student involvement is central to the Student Learning Plan. Students are responsible for developing learning, personal and life goals.
  • Parent involvement and support are key to the success of the student.

Be proactive.

  • Look at what you already have in place. What does your current program look like? What does it accomplish?
  • Know about your students’ needs and what you have to offer. Consider a phase-in plan and establish benchmarks for long-term goals.
  • Ask yourself the question, "How will we know when we have developed a learning plan and process that really meets the needs of our students?"

Set Up an Advisory Committee

The Guidance Advisory Committee will advise the school on the philosophy, structure, and implementation of the comprehensive guidance and counseling program. The Committee will be a source of advice both to the school administration, counselors, and other members of the expectations for students, economic forecasts, and expectations of the school and the community can add much to the depth and timeliness of the program. The Committee also serves as a communication linkage between the comprehensive guidance and counseling program and the community at large. The Committee can facilitate a two-way flow of feedback between the school, business and industry, and all factions of the community.

School Counselor Handbook for Advisory Committees

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