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Program Planning and Implementation

Planning the program is critical: Utilize the following in the process:
  • Staff Development - by principal
  • Program Development - by counselors
  • Divide students
  • Study curriculum/resources available
  • Design vision and purpose
  • Decide on goals
  • Make a Plan of Action
  • Decide on a time frame
  • Incorporate lessons on Plan of Action
  • Implementation - by all staff
  • Assign program areas/lessons to staff
  • Follow time frame
  • Allow flexibility on lessons
  • Allow and incorporate new changes in lesson plans
  • Evaluation of Program - by everyone
  • Outcomes
  • Discipline problems down
  • More student needs being met
  • All students served
  • Projections
  • Offer teacher preparation/training for each grade level
  • Monitor student progress
  • Add to the lessons and re-do time frame each year


  • What does your program currently look like?
  • What does it accomplish?


  • Set timelines
  • Use information about your students and their needs
  • Establish an advisory committee


  • Identify personall (who does what)
  • It must be clear and purposeful
  • It must make sense in context with curriculum standards


  • Meet timelines
  • Make yourself accountable
  • Establish benchmarks


  • How will you know when you've reached yoru goals?
  • Establish assessment tools

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