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What Does an Outstanding Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) Look Like?

In trying to provide information to school staff to help in the development of a successful, effective Individual Graduation Plan, we put together a team of educators with ideas that could help schools to develop a program that will fit the needs of their staff and students.

We defined three levels of programs: Outstanding, Average, and Minimal. If your school does not have a planning process in place at this time, you may want to start with what we call the "minimum" and work toward a better program over time. The hope is that these examples will help you fulfill the requirements and also to begin the process of developing an outstanding program in the next few years in your school.

starMinimal SLP Program Level

In order to meet the law, you must have a parent-approved Individual Graduation Plan that includes courses and learning activities in which the student will engage while working toward the district’s graduation standards.

star starAverage SLP Program Level
Going beyond the minimum, an average Individual Graduation Plan includes planning with a career goal. A portfolio is used and extra-curricular activities, testing, and career activities provide supporting documentation for the student’s plan.

starstarstarstar Outstanding SLP Program Level

An outstanding program includes the same type of documents and processes as the above minimum and average programs, but it also includes assessment, curriculum and an evaluation process. This would mean having a systemic program that integrates curriculum and utilizes the collaboration process with other classes being taught within the whole school. This collaborative approach will incorporate students, school personnel, parents and the business community.
In an outstanding program the Individual Graduation Plan is a culmination of curriculum and activities such as:

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