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Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) Packet

The Student Learning Plan developed in 2000 is attached for reference and has been filled in partially with "school specific" information. This is a document that could be used for your student learning plan. However, based on our State's conversion to Career Clusters, you are encouraged to utilize the electronic Cluster-Level Individual Graduation Plans and Pathway-Level Individual Graduation Plans in place of the four-year plan in the PDF packet above.

Please do not forget that at the 8th grade level, the course planning document must be part of the overall student learning plan.

The main concept behind the cluster- and pathway-level Individual Graduation Plans and the Student Learning Plan (SLP) packet is that the course plan is not inclusive of all of the components in the SLP. The learning goes far beyond the courses a student takes. It can include activities from each of the three areas included in the Idaho School Counseling Model: Personal/Social Development, Life/Career Development, and Academic/Professional-Technical Development. An Individual Graduation Plan should encompass the whole student's learning process. Use the planning tools to discuss areas that any particular student may need additional guidance or counseling in.

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