Learn, Lead, Succeed!

Additional Support Curricula

Adult Competencies for Lifelong Career Development offer the 13 competencies required of adults with respect to career development.

Basic Workplace Competencies is a resource publication for administrators and educators as they focus efforts to help identify skills needed for employment in all career pathways.

Career Guidance Blueprint for lessons that meet standards. This resource is a CD containing 52 career lessons aligned with Idaho’s state achievement standards. There are four lessons for each grade (K-12), each representing one of the four national and state career domains. Also included is a blank matrix so local districts can develop their own career lessons. Contact us to have a CD mailed to you or view and download the lessons here.

Idaho Career Planning Guide projects/lessons and other resources that will help you facilitate career development with students through the use of the Idaho Career Planning Guide that was distributed to all high schools at the beginning of the 2009-10 school year.

Taking the Mystery Out of the Student Learning Plan is a guide to help counselors, administrators and other school personnel to understand the scope and spirit of the State statute that mandates a student learning plan for all students by the end of Grade 8.

The Tool Kit for School Counselors is designed to supplement the State school counseling model with activities.