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The "Real Game" Series

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The Real Game series offers elementary-, middle-, high-school and adult segments for career development. Many Idaho middle schools have developed teams to run an effective Real Game experience. The original program was targeted to meet the needs of seventh and eighth graders in development of basic skills for career exploration.Real Game Series


Ninth and tenth graders have the opportunity to continue the process with the early high school edition called Be Real Game. This early high school program is designed to engage students in decision making and problem solving.

A version for adults Real Time, Real Life was issued in January 1998. This version assists at the community college level to help students develop transferable skills and personal career plans. The Make It Real Game for fifth and sixth grades was released in June 1998. This edition encourages students to learn about teamwork, adopt a work role, and explore connections between life and work.

The Get Real Game for eleventh and twelfth graders and the Play Real Game for third and fourth graders fill out the Real Game series.

For more information on these products visit the Real Game website.