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Materials and Resources

Most advisors will be teachers who are already tasked with other teaching assignments. Other advisors are likely already tasked with other responsibilities as well. Often, because of already loaded schedules, it is best to have the advisory sessions planned out a year in advance and prepare a binder for each advisor. Then, as advisement sessions near, provide advisors with needed materials and demonstrate the delivery of the lesson for them.

The advisement committee--the focused group of people responsible for planning and organizing the advisement program--needs to consider:

  • whether there will be a set curriculum for advisory?
  • whether the curriculum will be by grade level?
  • where the materials will be located?
  • how they will be reproduced?
  • how they will be distributed?

Some of the materials and resources that may be needed include:

  • Student lists: 1) by advisor, and 2) alphabetically by student with each students' advisory noted
  • Curricula
  • Handouts--enough for each student
  • Supplies and props for projects and activities
  • Speakers