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Advisory Design Team

Planning & Implementing Your Advisory Program...What Stage Have You Reached? (Rubric Word)

Team members should include:

  • Coordinator(s) of Advisory program (The coordinator should be a .2 to .4 FTE position or coordinators should receive a generous stipend.)
  • Principal or another member of the administrative team
  • School counselor/social worker
  • Several faculty members (Some faculty members may also serve as grade level “point people” who work with all of the advisors who advise students within the same grade level.)
  • Union representative and school scheduler as needed

Advisory design teams need to be prepared to:

  • Meet with faculty to gather input for Advisory design
  • Meet with student groups to gather input for Advisory design
  • Meet with principal, leadership team, and union representatives to discuss any constraints and limitations and identify any major issues that must be negotiated
  • Develop and carry out PR campaign with faculty, students, and parents and present recommendations to faculty
  • Develop final advisory model including advisory maps, schedule, themes, activities, and outcomes for Year One
  • Create Advisory notebook for Advisors
  • Create public documents about Advisory program for various school constituencies
  • Ensure that advisors have all necessary supplies and resources to implement Advisory sessions
  • Facilitate a one- or two-day training for all advisors during Summer before launch
  • Design, secure, and schedule on-going professional development needed for successful implementation of Advisory including monthly or bi-monthly check-in with all advisors during the professional school day
  • Manage and coordinate the implementation and scheduling of Advisory program
  • Develop annual induction program for new advisors and additional training for returning advisors
  • Meet regularly to review, assess, and adjust advisory implementation plan
  • Develop end-of-semester advisory gathering to share successes and challenges and make appropriate adjustments in program

Assess Advisory program by gathering base-line and anecdotal data related to: a) expected student outcomes; b) student and advisor perceptions of Advisory program; c) consistent delivery of Advisory program by advisors/advisor competencies; and d) overall implementation of Advisory program.