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Advisors’ Role

Advisors are:

  • Not teachers who focus on content and assessment...their focus is on the advisees
  • Not counselors or social workers...they work with 20 or fewer students, not hundreds
  • Not counselors or social workers...they notice an advisee needs counseling, but do not provide counseling
  • Not friends...a professional who believes in and supports their advisees
  • Delivers of prescribed lessons or creators of the lessons they deliver
  • Aware of the goals to be accomplished and aware of the student outcomes that need to be met
  • Recipient of professional development to serve in advisor role
  • Responsible or not responsible for parent/guardian contact (depends on program)
  • Responsible for working with students to review grades and set goals
  • Responsible for some level of college and career exploration
  • Protected from damaging the adviser-advisee relationship that result from being directly involved in disciplinary matters
  • Catalysts for informing and involving students in extracurricular activities

Advisors need:

  • a list of all advisory groups by advisor
  • an alphabetical list of all students with the advisor listed
  • past as well as current student academic data
  • other data to be identified by the given school