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Health Occupations Program
Sandpoint High School, Lake Pend Oreille School District
Sandpoint, IdahoInitial Assessment

Instructors: Kathy Holm

LPOSD PTE Coordinator: Sherri Hatley

Region I Tech-Prep Coordinator: Cathleen Sanborn

Sandpoint High School Principal: Becky Kiebert

Superintendent: Dick Cvitanich

In this two-year program, students acquire the requisite health care skills and knowledge, but they also gain in the obscure but important skills of being a responsible and respectful caregiver. While this award recognizes an exemplary program, one cannot but help realize the impact of the teacher behind the program. This teacher has a remarkable ability to draw students to her classroom and is dedicated to developing responsible human beings. Students frequently communicate personally and in writing to other teachers about the learning that has occurred in this program.

Community partnerships are strong in this program, and second-year students have the opportunity to experience rotations in the emergency room, obstetrics, medical-surgical, rehabilitation and physical therapy, X-ray, oncology, cardiac rehabilitation, pharmacy, and in- and out-patient surgery. Teachable moments are numerous, and the program’s success is exemplified by graduates participation in “Doctors Without Borders,” dentistry and medical school.

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