Learn, Lead, Succeed!

Secondary Exemplary Program Award
Family and Consumer Sciences
Project C.D.A.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Instructors: Angie Beck, Jean Hansen, and Donna Schwandt

Project C.D.A. Kitchen Manager: Valerie Martin

Region I PTE Coordinator: Jason Greene

Region IV Tech-Prep Coordinator: Cathleen Sanborn

Project C .D.A. Principal: James Ferguson

Director of Secondary Education: Rosie Astorquia

Superintendent: Harry Amend

This program is thorough and unique in its approach. It serves as the cornerstone of success for most all students in this alternative high school, with 90 percent of the student population of 200 benefitting from the program’s course offerings.

Unique aspects of this program focus on the belief that all students need real world skills to compliment their basic skills. Learning revolves around a base of hands-on activities. The ability to “do” is as important as the ability to “know.” Students continually participate in activities where they investigate, evaluate, and create projects that support needs throughout our world.

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