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Special Program Award
Commercial Cleaning
Robert Janss School, Idaho Corrections
Boise, IdahoCleaner Demo

Instructor: Bill Hale

Instructor Supervisor: Mary Ellen Nourse

Robert Janss Principal: David Melhaff

Acting Warden: Daniel Prado

This program has been in existence since 2002, and was established to teach students the janitorial skills necessary to find gainful employment at the Idaho Correctional Center and in the community upon their release. In addition to teaching the students the basics of business management, students simultaneously complete rigorous curriculum developed by the Cleaning Management Institute. A few of the many courses are Chemistry of Cleaning, Hazardous and Infectious Waste, Advanced Cleaning of Hard Floor Surfaces, and Tools of the Trade.

This program is also available to inmates who lack the capability to complete a General Education Development (GED) program. One of the special-needs students in this program is currently working as a “Captain’s Crew Custodian” within the Idaho Correctional Center.

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