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Award Guidelines

The purpose of the Professional-Technical Education Awards Program is to recognize and honor exemplary professional-technical education programs.

Depending on the award applied for, to qualify for an award the program may be required to:

  1. Have an active and functioning local advisory committee.
  2. Be accessible to all individuals regardless of race, sex, age, culture, handicap, religion or ethnic origin.
  3. Be an active Tech-Prep program with a signed written agreement between the secondary and postsecondary institutions.
  4. Include student leadership organization activities as an integral part of the program.
  5. Cite specific elements of the program that set this program apart from other programs in the same field.
  6. Incorporate specific strategies for involving industry.
  7. Implement curriculum that aligns to PTE and State academic standards, and is maintained in accordance with the changing needs of business and industry.
  8. Have program staff engaging in professional development that is benefiting the overall program.
  9. Encourage nontraditional students to participate in the program.
  10. Be endorsed by the State Division of Professional-Technical Education Program Manager.