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Teaching Agriculture Education in Idaho

Agriculture education in Idaho is considered a professional-technical education (PTE) course offering. PTE is a specific set of disciplines offered in each of Idaho's school districts that teach students in grades 9-12. Professional-technical education programs start at the 9th grade and provide the foundation for portable, stackable credentials that can be pursued after high school at the postsecondary level up to, and including, an Associate of Applied Science degree. PTE is given authority to operate and work with schools through IDAPA §55.01.01.

Secondary agriculture educators in Idaho are generally certified to teach through one of two pathways.

  1. Teacher preparation through a degree program (sometimes called traditional certification) as granted by a four-year university or postsecondary institution. Traditionally certified teachers can apply for, and renew teaching licenses through the State Department of Education. Teachers holding a traditional certification are licensed to teach the full agriculture education curriculum and all courses as approved by the state.
  2. Alternative certification obtained by a combination of work experience, work experience and education, and/or hold a national industry certification in the area in which a person seeks to teach. In agriculture education, persons can seek alternative certification in the following disciplines:
    Agriculture Business Management
    Agriculture Power Machinery
    Agriculture Production
    Animal Health and Veterinary Science
    Farm and Ranch Management
    Meat Cutter
    Natural Resource Management
    Alternatively certification allows a person to teach courses under the umbrella of PTE and agriculture education specific to the exact discipline they are alternatively certified in. Visit PTE's alternative certification website for more details.

Additionally, Idaho requires that postsecondary PTE teachers/college professors hold a state teaching license for the discipline that they are teaching in. Postsecondary PTE agriculture programs exist at the College of Southern Idaho and the College of Western Idaho.

The State Division of Professional-Technical Education is not an agency that hires or directs the hiring of any teachers at the local district level. Interested persons seeking employment as an agriculture education teacher are advised to check local district websites for job postings and details.

Idaho Ag Ed Job Postings

Visit the University of Idaho Agricultural Education and 4-H Youth Development webpage for current openings.