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AET SAE Record Book

In 2010 the IVATA invited a presentation from The AET (Agriculture Experience Tracker) to Summer Conference. In 2011 the group voted to transition Idaho ag ed student record keeping to The AET by 2013. In 2012 this decision was amended by the membership of the IVATA to state that AET is an optional method of student SAE record keeping but state FFA degree and district/state star applications must use the current form as provided by National FFA or generated by AET.

In an effort to help transition ag programs to the new AET model of record keeping a committee of teachers including Kevin Barker, Lex Godfrey, Will Schumaker, and Trent Van Leuven have shared a variety of documents and forms that can assist in the transition.

AET to Idaho Record Book Crossover Guide and Glossary

This guide is designed to take terms and concepts found in the Excel record book and assist new users in finding these same concepts in the AET.

Teacher Help/Startup Guide

A four-page guide designed for Idaho including hints for transitioning your class rosters and getting started as a teacher on AET.

Access The AET here

AET Login

AET Documents/Assignments for Classroom Use

Semester overview of AET assignments and grading benchmarks

Setting up a student profile

Making a class related journal entry

SAE starter ideas (all animal science based)

Setting up a SAE plan

Making a SAE related journal entry

SAE implementation and outcomes

Student presentation of SAE to class

Extra credit relating FFA to SAEs

AET use for FFA Awards

District and State Star Checklist

State FFA Degree Checklist

Using the AET Tracker for chapter activities/officers (created by Tom Jacobsen)

AET Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming In-Services


Past In-Services

Idaho Falls - October 16, 2012; 12:00pm

Nampa - September 12, 2011; 6:00pm

Mackay - September 14, 2011; 4:00pm

Ashton - September 19, 2011; 6:00pm

Burley - October 6 AND 7, 2011; (for university credit); contact Lex Godfrey Email for details. To obtain credit from the University of Idaho participants need to contact Dr. Allison Touchstone at atouchstone@uidaho.edu or 208-364-4543. Participants should bring:

  • Class list and rosters for your current classes.
  • Chapter calendar
  • A former students records that you are familiar with.
  • A current students records that you can work on entering.
  • A laptop with wireless capabilities, if you have one…  if not we will work with you.

Day 1
8:30                Arrival and Registration
9:00                Introduction to AET:   Logging On & Setting up your chapter account 
10:00              Break
10:20              Setting up your chapter calendar and officers/committees
Noon              Lunch
1:00                Preparing students for data entry
2:00                Understanding where data from the old book is entered…
3:00                Break
3:30                Entering student data
5:30                Adjourn for the evening      

Day 2
8:30                Convene and breakfast items
9:00                Question and answers
9:30                State Degree applications and checklist
10:30              Break
11:00              Proficiency Applications and American Degrees
Noon              Lunch
1:00                Star Battery system - question and answers
2:00                Review take home assignment – if taking the course for credit.
??                    Depart for home      

Meridian - October 6, 2011; 9:00am and 2:00pm (in conjunction with CDE revisions) in the computer lab of the Meridian Ag Professional-Technical Center; contact Trent VanLeuven Email for details. Individuals can participate in both sessions. Please bring:

  • Class roster
  • Chapter calendar
  • Course listing
  • Old student records
  • New student records/data

Moscow - October 7, 2011; 9:00am and 2:30pm (two separate trainings) in the main classroom of the AE4-HYD Building at the University of Idaho; contact Ben Meyer for details. Please bring:

  • Laptop
  • Class roster
  • Chapter calendar
  • Course listing
  • Old student records
  • New student records/data

New Plymouth - October 6, 2011; 8:30am meet in the New Plymouth ag ed classroom. Contact Kevin Barker Email for details. Training session will break for lunch around noon. Participants can continue their in-service work after lunch on an as-needed basis. Participants should bring:

  • Class roster
  • Chapter calendar
  • Course listing
  • Old student records
  • New student records/data

Burley - January 5, 2012; 5:00-8:00pm In-service focused on filling out the state FFA degree and star battery in AET. Bring any questions you have about AET to this in-service. Participants should bring a laptop and record books. Students are welcome too.

Meridian - June 12, 2012; 3:00pm AET training prior to Summer Conference with Dr. Roger Hanagriff. Participants should bring a wi-fi enabled laptop and their questions related to record keeping and AET. Contact Email for details.

Mackay - September 12, 2012; 4:00pm