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Program Resources

Teacher Strengths and Mentor Suggestions

This list was created by Idaho agriculture teachers at Summer Conference 2009. Contact information can be found online by selecting the ‘Idaho Ag Ed Directory’ link in the middle of the University of Idaho Agriculture Education & 4-H Youth Development homepage.

Idaho FFA CDE Advisor Resources

Resources for select CDEs specific to the Idaho FFA Association can be found within the FFA portion of this website.

Idaho State Department of Agriculture Fair and Show Booklet

A comprehensive guide to animal health and husbandry published by the ISDA specifically for Idaho 4-H and FFA members preparing animals for show at fairs, jackpots, club shows, etc.

Curriculum Resources

Check here for all curriculum related resources.

NAAE Communities of Practice

The National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Communities of Practice site is the most comprehensive location for up-to-date instructor resources found online. The Community of Practice has content experts in dozens of areas providing nearly-immediate feedback for hundreds of questions each week. Connect with other ag educators and share your best practices.

Ideas 4 Ag Ed

Ideas4aged.com provides a one-stop online location for lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, CDE prep materials, fundraising ideas, and instructor generated ideas to enhance learning in the ag classroom.

Integral Nature of FFA in Agricultural Education

In April of 2010 the US Department of Education, Office of Adult and Vocational Education reissued its statement affirming the integral nature of FFA as an intracurricular part of agricultural education. This statement is a supporting document for the memorandum of understanding concluded in March of 2008 over viewing the foundations set in the 1917 Smith-Hughes Act and P.L. 81-740 granting FFA a federal charter in 1950 as signed by President Truman.

USDOE/OAVE/National FFA intracurricular statement

Ideas Unlimited

2008, June Playfair from Leadore with her "hot dog" project which simulates marbling, back fat, and loin eye area in meat evaluation.

2009, Steve Braun from Troy with his "biofules" project.

2010, Janna Volkers from Nampa.

2011, Trent VanLeuven from Meridian with his "cow in the classroom" skeletal project for the education of the bovine system and the development of student interest in ag education.


Briggs and Stratton Resources for Small Engines Instructors

Find outstanding small engines resources and educational materials on Briggs and Stratton's Power Portal website. Sign up for a information and access to their secure material with a username and password.

PTSO Reference Guide

This 48 page reference guide published by the Association for Career and Technical Education in 2008 is a succinct overview of the ten widely recognized PTSO groups (also known at CTSOs outside of Idaho) and reference for PTSOs and federal funding and charter laws.

Rangeland Education Resources

The University of Idaho College of Natural Resources Rangeland Department has produced excellent teaching resources for Idaho ag and natural resource teachers. Find more here.

Biotechnology Resources

Getbiosmart.com provides lesson plans, videos, and interactive applications for high school students focused on agriculture and natural resources.

National FFA Learn Center

Excellent resources that stretch beyond CDEs available from the National FFA. Teaching resources can be found that apply to LifeKnowledge, middle school students, renewable fuels, and more. Find it all for free here.

Past CDE Materials

Each year the National FFA makes past CDE material available for free as educational resources for teachers. This material makes excellent lesson supplements and teaching aides in a wide variety of agriculture content areas.

Program Review Process

The goal of the division is to have an on-site visits to each program on a five year rotational basis. Follow the link below to download the documents and rubrics for the review process.

Review process documents and forms