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The Idaho Agriculture and Natural Resources curriculum has been developed as a joint effort between the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education and the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Science Department of Agricultural Education and 4-H Youth Development. Curriculum guides are posted on-line at the AE&4-HYD webpage.

The following curriculum is hosted by the Department of Agricultural Education and 4-H Youth Development at the University of Idaho.

Click here for Curriculum Guides: https://www.uidaho.edu/cals/aee/agricultural-educators/curriculum-guides

State approved courses with developed curriculum pieces and support tools including competency profiles, course outlines, and CAERT crosswalks

120 Introduction to the Agriculture Industry
130 Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics
140 Introduction to the Livestock Industry
150 Introduction to the Agriculture Plant Industry
210 Agricultural Welding
211 Advanced Agricultural Welding
221 Small Gasoline Engines
240 Agricultural Fabrication
310 Applied Livestock Management
320 Applied Crop Management
330 Landscape Design and Nursery Management
335 Floral Design and Marketing
340 Applied Greenhouse and Nursery Management
410 Personal Skills Development
460 Agricultural Management and Marketing
470 Agricultural Sales
510 Botany - Plant and Soil Science
512 Botany - Science of Plant Growth and Development
514 Botany - Horticulture Plant Science
518 Botany - Range Science
520 Ecology - Natural Resource Science
530 Zoology - Animal Science
532 Zoology - Science of Animal Nutrition
534 Zoology - Science of Animal Reproduction
660 Consumer Economics - Agricultural Business and Economics

The following courses have competency profiles, course outlines, and CAERT crosswalks (or a combination thereof)

110 Introduction to Agriculture Education
220 Agriculture Power Technology
222 Agriculture Power Technology - Large Engines
225 Agriculture Systems - Electricity and Hydraulics
227 Agricultural Machinery
230 Agricultural Structures
350 Forestry and Wildlife Management
516 Botany - Forestry Science
525 Ecology - Environmental Science
536 Zoology - Fish and Wildlife Science
538 Zoology - Small Animal Care
540 Biology - Agricultural Biotechnology
550 Biology - Food Science
560 Zoology - Aquaculture Science
570 Zoology - Equine Science
590 Zoology - Veterinary Science

9800 Occupational and Career Experience

9900 Cooperative Education

Approved courses that can be taught. These lack course outlines and competency profiles. Courses are subject to local school board approval for standards, course outlines, and learning objectives.

337 Advanced Floral Design and Marketing
517 Botany - Advanced Forestry Science
526 Intro to Environmental Science Technology
527 Environmental Sciences Technology Applications
528 Advanced Environmental Science Technology Applications
572 Zoology - Advanced Equine Science

The CAERT Curriculum is also an approved curricular source for Idaho agriculture programs. Schools that have paid the membership fee can login to the online curriculum library for access.

500 level courses can count for science credit when taught by a properly endorsed agriculture or natural resources teacher. Other PTE courses can count for academic credit as well. Find a full listing here.

University of Idaho Rangeland Curriculum & Teacher Resource Guide

Approved Textbook Lists

Approved textbook lists for each Professional-Technical program are available on the Department of Education website,Adoption Guides and Professional Technical Education Position Statement

Course List

For a complete list of the state approved courses in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Program (including a crosswalk with the appropriate IBED Codes) download the document below:

PTE Course Numbers and IBEDS Assignment Manual

The course list has also been aligned with the pathways and capstone classes identified.

Pathways with Capstone Courses

CAERT Crosswalks