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IMAS Helpline

The State Data Team has created the IMAS Helpline to help you! We encourage you to use this feature when and how you need it. If you have any problems accessing or using the Helpline, please call us at the Division of Professional-Technical Education between 8am and 5pm Mountain Time, Monday - Friday. Our number is (208) 334-3216. Please ask for ABE.

Please send your Helpline questions to: IMAS@pte.idaho.gov

  • Ask for help with any IMAS problems you are having.
  • Ask questions like "How do I..." or "Where do I find..." or "Why does..."
  • Request technical assistance or training.
  • Request corrections or updates that must be made at the State level.
  • Report problems or glitches in the database.
  • Provide the State Data Team with comments and feedback.

Before you Begin

Check locally with your on-site data personnel. They may be able to help you immediately.

  • Check this web site for other IMAS questions and answers. You may get the information you need immediately.
  • If you cannot find a solution by checking these sources, then please submit your question below, including specific detailed information.

For questions regarding a specific student or students, please include the student's name and identification #. We cannot resolve a request without the student's name. However, DO NOT include sensitive student personal information such as Social Security Numbers.

  • If your question or issue is time sensitive, please let us know.
  • Be specific about what you need. The more detail you can provide, the better we can help you.
  • Please submit separate requests as separate submissions. One request may include multiple students, but will typically address only one main problem (such as a list of students who need their registration declined or hours deleted).