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Data System FAQs

This page contains some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the the IMAS Helpline and about our general data collection and reporting systems.

IMAS Helpline

Why was the IMAS Helpline created?

This web site and the IMAS Helpline were created for a number of reasons. The web site was created as a central place for Idaho ABE programs to obtain information, documents, policy, and assistance for IMAS, NRS, and data issues. The state data team wanted a way of providing regular contact with local programs regarding data issues and reporting needs, as well as providing technical assistance that was easily accessible, timely, and consistent.

Do I have to use the helpline for my IMAS questions?

Yes. For us to be able to help everyone in a timely and consistent manner, we need to be sure that everyone is submitting their questions in the same way. This helps us keep track of questions and the issues that effect the quality and timeliness of our responses to you.

We understand that submitting your questions online can feel impersonal, especially based on past experiences with big companies. We want to reassure you that each and every question that is submitted through the Helpline is reviewed by the State Data Team and will recieve a personal response.

How does the Helpline work?

Specific directions for using the Helpline are included on the Helpline page and within the form itself. Generally what happens is that a person will submit their question or problem using the Helpline. This will send an email directly to a dedicated email account at the State ABE Office, where your question or problem will be reviewed. You can expect to hear back within a few days. We will either let you know that your request has been completed, or we may ask you for more clarification before processing your request.

General IMAS Information

What Is IMAS?

"IMAS" stands for the "Idaho Management and Accountability System." It is the database used by Idaho's Adult Basic Education (ABE) program to collect, store, and retrieve information about the federally funded program and its students. The information gathered by IMAS is used to help plan, research and develop Idaho's ABE programs. This information also helps to support the progress of students and their success in the workplace and other educational areas.

What Does IMAS Do?

The IMAS database is designed to meet the specifications for a quality database as set forth by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE).

IMAS collects information according to the National Reporting System (NRS) for ABE. This information is input at the local level and includes student demographics, goals, test scores, enrollment, hours of attendance, and progress, among other things. The information is then sorted into reports which are used at various levels of the program to understand program performance and areas that require improvement. For more information about the NRS, please scroll down.

How can I find out more about IMAS?

If you have more specific questions about IMAS or how to use it, you can submit your question via the IMAS Helpline.

We ask that you submit your IMAS questions, comments, or problems through the designated helpline. However, if you are having problems accessing or using the helpline, or any part of this web site, please contact us directly.

General NRS Information

What is the NRS?

"NRS" stands for the "National Reporting System" for Adult Basic Education. The following description about the NRS is paraphrased from the 2009 NRS Implementation Guidelines.

The NRS is the accountability system for the federally funded, State-administered adult education program. It addresses the accountability requirements of the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, Title II of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA P.L. 105-220).

All federally funded Adult Education programs, including Idaho, are required to adhere to the standards set forth by the NRS.

What Does the NRS Do?

The NRS has three main functions:

1. Define the measures and outcomes used to assess program performance and student progress.

2. Standardize the methodologies for collecting student and programmatic information.

3. Standardize how data is reported from each State program to the Federal office.

How can I find out more about the NRS?

For more specific information about the NRS, its history, significance, measures, and methodologies, pleasevisit the NRS web site.