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On this page (scroll down) you will find a list of questions, problems, and concerns submitted to the IMAS helpline that we think are helpful for programs statewide. This page will be updated regularly, so please check this page prior to submitting a question to the IMAS helpline, as your question may have already been addressed.

If you cannot find what you need on this page, please submit your question to the IMAS Helpline and the State Data Team will get back to you.

IMAS Questions & Answers

Topic: Student not showing up on Table 4 for the new fiscal year

Q: I have a student who started in the program in the last fiscal year, and remained enrolled in the program after the end of the year on June 30. Now that student isn't showing up on Table 4 when I run it for the new year. What is going on?
A: The most likely explanation is that this student doesn't currently have a test score dated in the current fiscal year. The way IMAS currently works, if a student does not have an assessment score (either a pre or post test) in the fiscal year, they will not show up on any reports for that fiscal year. As soon as this student takes an assessment test (whether it is a post-test or a new pre-test) and this information is entered in IMAS, they will show up on the reports.

Topic: Student Advance is not Showing

Q: I have a student who took a post test and made a gain, but this advance is not showing up in their profile. How can I fix this?
A: The process of recording an advance in IMAS takes two steps. The first step is that the student's test score is entered and approved. The second step is that the student must have at least one hour of attendance on or after the date of the test (and within the same fiscal year) for the advance to show up.

If your student should be showing an advance, but is not, first check to see if they have at least one hour of approved attendance on/after the date of the test in the same fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). If the student does not have the necessary attendance to trigger the advance, you may back-date an hour of attendance as needed. If the student does have an hour or more of approved attendance but is still not showing an advance, please use the Helpline and we will work to resolve the issue. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please let us know via the Helpline.

Topic: Switching Justifications

Q: I have a student who started out as a Non-traditional 1 (or 2) and needs to be changed to a Non-Traditional 2 (or Traditional). How do I switch this?
A: Once post-test has been recorded in all subjects that are pre-tested, the the battery and justification can be changed.

The only score to enter when you choose a new battery/justification are any new scores. The old ones remain in the system from previous entry and there isn't any need/reason to re-enter them.

Topic: Declining or Deleting Registrations

Q: A student was accidentally registered twice, or for some other reason you need to delete a duplicate or incorrect registration.
A: Only the state or the database vendor can delete student registrations once they are created. If you have not approved the registration yet, we can often delete it immediately at the state office. If you have already approved the registration, we need to forward it on to the database vendor to delete.

If you need a registration deleted, please forward the registration information to us through the Helpline. Be sure to include the student's name and the specific ID number of the registration you need us to delete. ID numbers are those numbers which follow the student's name and look like this: [xxxxx/xxxxx]. It is also helpful if you can include the registration date so that we can be sure we have the correct student profile.

Topic: Combining Student Profiles

Q: Our region has two separate student profiles for the same student. Can we combine these profiles so there isn't any confusion?
A: Yes, these profiles can be combined, but the process is somewhat cumbersome. However, the value of streamlined records can often make this process worthwhile.

First, the state will have to delete the newer profile, and all separated and open registrations within that profile. Then, the regional staff will need to re-enter this information into the older student profile. Once the profiles are combined, you can change any missing or incorrect information in the student's bio.

If you would like to combine two student profiles, please submit your request through the Helpline. We will be happy to walk you through the process.

Topic: Entering Outcomes after Separation

Q: My student is separated but I need to update an outcome for that student. What can I do to update the outcome on the student's profile?
A: In some cases, a student is separated before they achieve their outcome. For example, a student is separated and then a few months later, passes their GED. In other cases, you may have missed entering an outcome before you separated the student. In most cases, anyone with LEA (regional) access can update an outcome on a separated student. If you don't have this access, please contact your regional data person for assistance. If you or your regional data person need assistance, please use the IMAS Helpline.

Topic: Reporting Parameter - States and Counties

Q: When I run a report, two of the parameters I can choose are State and County. What is the difference between choosing "All States" and choosing just "Idaho," or choosing "All Counties" and choosing just the county for my site?
A: The State and County parameters are filters for student information. If you choose "Idaho" or a specific county such as "Ada" you will only pull up students who have "Idaho" or "Ada" as their address. If you choose "All States" and "All Counties" you will pull up all students registered to your site, regardless of their address. In most cases, you want to choose "All States." If you are missing students in your report, you might want to check this parameter.

Topic: Separation Date

Q: When I separate a student, do I use the date when I enter the separation or do I use the date when the student last attended?
A: A program is allowed to wait 90 days from the date of a student's last attendance or testing before separating the student. This is to ensure that the student truly is gone and not coming back. After 90 days have passed, the program should separate the student. The separation date should be the last day the student attended class or the date of their last assessment (whichever is later).

If the 90 days crosses over a fiscal year, the separation date should still be the last day of attendance/testing. In some cases, a program may need to separate a student after the fiscal year closes. If the last day of attendance/testing took place in the previous fiscal year, that student's separation will count towards the previous fiscal year, even though the separation is performed in the current fiscal year.

Topic: 60 hours for Assessment, Fiscal Year

Q: If a student received part of their attendance hours at the end of one fiscal year, and the rest of their 60 hours in the next fiscal year, can they be post-tested, or do all the hours need to take place in the same fiscal year?
A: As long as the student has received at least 60 hours of instruction, they can be post-tested. However, the post-test and any gains will be counted toward the year when the student took the test, not the year when the student was registered.

Topic: Entered Wrong Hours

Q: I accidentally entered the wrong number in a student’s class hours. I meant to enter "10" but only put "1." How do I go back and change it?
A: You have a few options. In this case, since you entered too few hours, you can go back into “enter hours” and enter 9 more hours, however you will need to use a different class date for this entry. Make sure all hours are documented on your attendance record and are given to the appropriate person for IMAS approval.

The other option is to ask your data approval person to decline the attendance hours so you can re-enter them. If the hours have already been approved, you can use the IMAS Helpline to request the hours be deleted so you can re-enter them.

Topic: New Student SSN Already Exists

Q: When I tried to create a new student record, I found another student already enrolled with the same SSN. What do I do?
A: Please contact your student first and ask them to verify their social security number. If it was accurate and the other student with the same number is in your region, please contact that student also to verify the correct number. If the other student listed with the same number is not in your region, please send us both students’ names and dates of birth and we will research it further ?

Topic: Why was my student separated

Q: I went to update a student file for a student who just came back after being gone for health reasons and found they have been separated. I never separated this student. What happened?
A: How long was the student gone? If the student did not show any attendance for 105 days, the student is automatically separated. If this is the case, you will need to re-enroll the student.

What if the student was gone less than 105 days? Someone else in your region may have done the separation. If this is not the case, please send us the student’s name and date of birth and we will do further research.

Topic: Reports – Which report is which?

Q: Is there a way of finding out what information I’ll see on a particular report? I have a hard time keeping track of which tables show which information.
A: Look under the green “Reports” heading in the left-hand blue column. At the very bottom, under “Table 4 Name Report” is a link called simply “Reports.” This will display the page listing all the reports and their content. This includes both Federal reports and Custom reports.

Topic: Can’t Enter Test Score

Q: I can’t enter test scores for a student who posted last year and was never separated. What is going on?
A: In IMAS, a student must have at least one hour of attendance in the same year the post-test is given in order for that test score to be entered. Check if the student has had any hours entered yet for the new year. Please contact the state data team via the helpline if you need more assistance on this issue.