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FAQs for the 10 Forms System

Q. What if I forgot my username or password?

A. E-mail Becky Davis (rdavis@pte.idaho.gov)

Q. What if I am denied access?

A. The most common reasons for being denied access are a misspelled password or leaving the dashes out of your SSN when entered as your login. Recheck your login and password and make sure you are entering them correctly.

Q: What if I forget my password or would like to change it?
A: Click here to e-mail us

Q: What if I get someone else’s information?
A: This can occur if your district is caching web data to a common server. If you are using Internet Explorer simply press the F5 Key or Click on View and Refresh. If you are using Netscape simply click on View and Reload.

Q: What if my school has change the number of periods in a school day or moved from semester to trimester?
A: Please have your school administrator contact Donna Simpson (dsimpson@pte.idaho.gov) at the State Office to make the change in the system. Only a school administrator has the authority to authorize these changes. Please note that the 10D cannot be completed until the change is made within the database.