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Tech Prep in Idaho: A Secondary/Postsecondary Collaboration

What is Tech Prep?

Professional-Technical Advanced Opportunities, also known as Tech Prep, is one of the four advanced opportunities recognized by the State Board of     Education, and links approved high school professional-technical programs to certificate and degree programs at a technical college.  Tech Prep courses are high school courses with student learning outcomes comparable to the technical college’s courses.  High school students who meet these outcomes may be eligible to receive credit from the technical college. 

Idaho has six regional Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) that coordinate Tech Prep articulation agreements and related services between the technical college and the school districts. 

Why Tech Prep?

Tech Prep enables students to make progress toward college degrees before they finish high school. Students learn technical skills that can lead to better-paying jobs, get a head start toward a college degree, and open the door to exciting technical careers.

Students benefit by:

  • Improving the transition from high school to college
  • Not repeating course competencies already mastered
  • Earning advanced credits while in high school and needing fewer college courses to graduate
  • Reducing tuition costs
  • Connects learning to career pathways

Elements of Professional-Technical Advanced Opportunities (Tech Prep):

  • Has an approved articulation agreement between high schools and postsecondary institutions
  • Integrates academic and technical education and, if appropriate and available, work-based learning
  • Provides technical preparation for careers
  • Builds student competence in core academic and technical areas
  • Helping to meet Idaho's 60% certificate or degree completion goal

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