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Wednesday Session Overview for Secondary Instructors and Administrators

 Administering the WRA and TSAs through CTECS

The Workplace Readiness Assessment and over half of the secondary technical skill assessments are ordered through CTECS (Career and Technical Education Consortium of States) and administered through their on-line platform E-SESS.   This session will walk participants through the process of participating in the pilots of new assessments and administering the completed assessments to concentrators.  The workshop will show you how to create an account, identify proctors, order assessments, register students, and administer the assessment on test day.  Tips will be shared that that will help to ensure that testing goes smoothly. 

Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes

“Measurable Student Achievement” is one of the major performance criteria for secondary teachers.  One-third of an Idaho’s teacher’s evaluation will be based on student growth.  Many assessments are available for teachers to demonstrate student growth in content knowledge.  Technical Skills Assessments include critical student learnings outcomes identified by a review committee made up of secondary and postsecondary instructors and industry partners.  Assessments are administered to the program’s capstone concentrators.  This session will demonstrate how to properly use these assessment results to drive curriculum changes in the classroom needed to improve student performance in your program.

Assessing Program Quality

To help foster secondary CTE program quality and promote accountability, the Division is developing a desk audit mechanism to assess all CTE programs using data-driven analyses.  These data outcomes will allow Division program managers to conduct a preliminary assessment as to how well a program is performing, based on identified criteria.  The session will allow participants to review hypothetical program data and use their professional judgment to assess whether the identified program outcomes would warrant additional review or support by CTE program managers. In small groups, participants will critically analyze the data provided and present their recommendations to the audience.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Workshop

 Strong partnerships between educational institutions and industry have long been recognized as a pillar in effective career and technical education programs.  These partnerships ensure community ownership and build local support, commitment, and resources.  Participate in an open discussion of TACs to see how they add value, and help ensure a high quality program.  During this open forum you will learn of how the division will leverage the TACs to inform statewide planning and identify quality programs.  This workshop will also help you understand the states requirements for what a TAC is, who should be on it, how it should function, and how it gets reported to the state.