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Accreditation News

The Idaho CPM Program received re-accreditation in August 2012. Re-accreditation is based on intensive study of Idaho’s curriculum, instructors, and administrative practices. The study was completed by a team from the National CPM Consortium who reviewed program documents and interviewed select CPM graduates and instructors and members of the Advisory Board to gain knowledge of Idaho’s program. The Consortium requires all CPM programs to be re-accredited every five years.

2012 Student News

Graduates Receive National Recognition

Russ Barron, Administrator of the Idaho Division of Welfare, Department of Health & Welfare and Dawn Peck, Manager of the Bureau of Criminal Identification, Idaho State Police, received national recognition for meritorious work. Both are graduates of Boise Track 1.

Russ (below) was featured in Governing Magazine with the title, “Improving Service and Morale.” He was described as one who changed the business processes of Idaho's food stamp application, resulting in – “waiting time to receive benefits virtually evaporated and applicants now receive same-day approval.”  Check out Governing Magazine, August 2012.



Dawn (below) received SEARCH’s (National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics) top Membership honor – the 2012 Gary R Cooper Meritorious Service Award. As the Idaho Gubernatorial appointee to SEARCH, Dawn was recognized for her work in the field of criminal justice information systems and for her wealth of knowledge, her leadership, and her understanding of issues facing states in managing justice information.


2012 CPM® Graduation

Track 5


Track 11

The Certified Public Manager (CPM®) Program graduated twenty-six participants on December 7, 2012 in the Idaho State Capitol, Senate Auditorium. A graduation ceremony awarding CPM® certification was held for participants, all employees of State of Idaho agencies operating in Northern Idaho and the Boise area. The graduates, to meet certification requirements, successfully completed a comprehensive curriculum of public management study based on national standards.

Connie Pratt (below), CPMP® Administrator, presented the two groups for graduation. She described the requirements for graduation and how each graduate completed a job-related project as a return-on-investment to their agency.  The projects completed by the students result in cost savings, process improvements, and program enhancements for their respective agencies.



The outstanding project from these graduates is eligible for the National Askew Award. Projects are selected annually from each state’s CPM® graduates to receive this award, presented at the American Academy of Certified Public Managers Annual Conference. Renee Eymann (below), President Elect of the Idaho Society of Certified Public Managers, announced Idaho’s award winner for 2012. Selected was Don Kemner (below), Wildlife Program Coordinator, Idaho Department of Fish & Game. His project was titled Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership.

Renne & Don


Todd Schwarz (below), Administrator of the Division of Professional-Technical Education (below), presided over the graduation ceremony amid poinsettias and a full house of agency directors, managers, family members, and friends.



Mike Rush (below), Executive Director of the Office of the State Board of Education, as keynote speaker, gave a rousing presentation reminding us all of the basic qualities that allow for one’s personal and professional success and how personal experiences, those positive and those not so positive, can build these basic qualities and serve us in many circumstances.



A class representative was chosen from each group area based on demonstrated leadership skills; they were asked to share the experiences of their respective class. Pamela O’Neill, UI Area Tax Supervisor, Department of Labor, was chosen to represent North Track 3. Representing Boise Track 10 was Bill London (below), District Conservation Officer, Department of Fish & Game. As Pam was unable to attend, Terema Carlin (below), Warden of Idaho Correctional Institution, Department of Correction, took her place. Terema and Bill, together, presented a power point of all students, acknowledging their strengths and giving insight into their personal and professional lives.





Graduates (below) came forward to accept their certification plaques. Awarding the plaques were the Agency Directors and/or Assistant Directors from each respective agency.

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3


A Certificate of Participation was awarded to Lawrence (Larry) Barrett, Department of Fish & Game, by Jeff Earhart (below) on behalf of North Track 3. Larry died in a helicopter crash while on duty and while enrolled in CPMP®. The award was accepted by Larry’s wife, Cindy (below).

Jeff & Cindy


A reception hosted by the Idaho Society for CPM® followed in honor of the graduates and their distinguished guests.

The State of Idaho, Professional-Technical Education, and the Certified Public Manager Program are proud of these graduates who completed a rigorous course of study while still performing their normal work assignments. Their efforts can lead to an enriched environment of creative, innovative, and progressive leadership for Idaho State Government.

*Photos compliments of Tom Cuillard, Idaho State Police

2012 Graduates

Boise Track 11

SanJuanita Aguilar
Robert Marshall Cooper
Kimberly Cox
Tricia Hosch-Hebdon
Steven L. Jones
Teresa Jones
Donald Kemner
Bill London
Mark Mayer
Steve Nadeau
Dean Page
Micheal G. Payton
Jennifer L. Pike-McCurdy
Carmela Ramirez
Joshua D. Royse
Randall Valley, III

North Track 3

Amy Anderson
Terema Carlin
Dave H. Darrow
Jeff Earhart
Keith Jones
Nancy J. Kasner
Aaron Krieger
Pamela J. O'Neill
Kim Renner-Roby
Cindy Christmann-Wilbur

Idaho's Askew Award Winners

The Askew Award is awarded each year to participating states at the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Certified Public Managers in honor of George Askew, a national leader in the CPM® Program. A medallion is given to each state's nominee to acknowledge exemplary work in the completion of their CPM® Project.


Idaho’s Askew Award winners are:


Don Kemner, Department of Fish & Game
"Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership"

2010 David Peters, Department of Health and Welfare
"Juvenile Mental Health Court Starter Kit"
2009 Chuck Kinkead, Department of Correction
“Computerized Maintenance Management System”
2008 Shelley Keen, Department of Water Resources
“Empowering Regional Staff to issue Water Right Approvals”
2007 Pamela Rausch, Department of Labor
“ONES (On-Line Nonmonetary Entry System)
2006 Gina Westcott, Department of Health & Welfare
“Shelter Home Resource Directory”
2005 Annette Wilkinson, Department of Health & Welfare
“Early Childhood Mental Health”
2004 Tom Gerlitz, Department of Health & Welfare
“Interviewing & Hiring Strategies for Idaho Department of Health & Welfare”

CPM® Graduate Comments...

“I thoroughly enjoyed the CPM® experience and would highly recommend the program to others. I learned a great deal from the classes…as I expected I would. The unanticipated benefit of participation in the program was the knowledge I gained about other state agencies of Idaho state government, the enhanced understanding of the functions and operations of other agencies; and the creation of lasting friendships with Idaho state employees that I had the opportunity to meet through CPM®.”



“The CPM® course was extremely worthwhile. The true value came into focus for me once I became more familiar with my associates in the program and their particular backgrounds and skill sets. Even though it has been three years since graduation, I still regularly rely upon some of my classmates to talk through various issues in the workplace.”



“The caliber of instructors and materials used in the CPM® program are outstanding. The courses are relevant and provide the participants with the opportunity to develop and hone skills needed to manage within the state system. I think the clear advantage to this program over any other is the direct correlation in each class to the state of Idaho. The access to state experts is wonderful, and many instructors offer themselves as resources. I think the program clearly meets the goal of developing public sector managers. I also like the format, which provides opportunity to the participants to take theory and put it into practice in the workplace, before going to the next topic.”



“I greatly under estimated the CPM® program. I did not expect personal change. CPM® went beyond just reaffirming some of my work strengths. I received an education that made me become introspective and expose some of my weaknesses. I found myself looking at work situations and people differently. I started applying techniques to improve leadership, motivate team members, and gain greater purpose for managing. At first, I did not stop to think change was coming from my CPM® experience. However, a gradual realization crept in.”



“This program has legs, and can take my team to new places in performing our work. Every graduate of CPM® must complete a project as part of the requirement to become a Certified Public Manager. I cannot over emphasize how meaningful and important this is for the CPM® candidate and their organization. The project tested me at many levels. It brought into focus the many techniques, methods, and knowledge gained by going through the various classes and assignments. It is a privilege to be a part of something which enables the individual to take life to next level.”