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Professional-Technical High Schools

Professional-Technical High Schools (PTS) in Idaho were authorized by the Legislature in 1998. Professional-Technical High Schools are intended to deliver high-end technical education programs that go beyond the scope of professional-technical education programs found in the comprehensive high school. The list of Idaho schools is located here. To receive funding as a PTS, 4 of the following 5 criteria must be present.

  • Serves students from two or more attendance zones with at least 15% of the students residing in a different attendance zone from the main student body.
  • Majority of classes have dual credit options with postsecondary
  • All programs have at least one supervised field experience
  • School is administered and funded as a distinct school
  • Facility is located at a separate site from regular high school

To learn more about the programs offered at each Professional-Technical High School, contact the Professional-Technical High School.