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Sergeant at Arms

Ryan "Jack" Gonzalez
State TSA Sergeant at Arms

Chapter: Meridian

Advisor: Andrew Smith

School of Choice:
Air Force Academy

Possible Major:
Aerospace Engineering

Career goal:
Aerospace Engineer

Activities outside of TSA:  Band, A/V Tech, and my youth group

Amazing Technology fact: At the end of WWII, The United States held over
half of the world's total production capacity.

Role model: My dad for the humor and life lessons he has impressed onto me, and Marcus Luttrell for his inspiring determination
and the ability to never give up

Advice to TSA members: the more time and energy you invest into a project, the
more success you will achieve.

State officer goal: To inspire work ethic and creativity, and to institute a larger
variety of local competitions in TSA

Contact information: sergeant.idahotsa@gmail.com