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Taking the Mystery Out of the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

also known as the Student Learning Plan

Developing an Effective Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

This document was developed as a result of a joint project between the University of Idaho and the Idaho Division of Professional- Technical Education.

In 1997, the Idaho Legislature approved student learning plans as part of the Administrative Rules of the State Board of Education:

"No later than the end of grade eight (8) all students will develop parent-approved student learning plans for their high school and post-high school options. The learning plan will be developed by students and parents or guardians with advice and recommendation from school personnel. It will be reviewed annually and may be revised at any time. The purpose of a parent-approved student learning plan is to outline a course of study and learning activities for students to become contributing members of society. A student learning plan describes, at a minimum, the list of courses and learning activities in which the student will engage while working toward meeting the district’s graduation standards. The school district will have met its obligation for parental involvement if it makes a good faith effort to notify the parent or guardian of the responsibility for the development and approval of the learning plan. A learning plan will not be required if the parent or guardian requests, in writing, that no learning plan be developed." (IDAPA 08.02.03 THOROUGHNESS)

As a result of this rule, we have worked to put together a vision of the process and the product to meet the "heart" of the rule: the needs of the student.

The mission of this integrated program for comprehensive planning is to provide all students with a wide variety of career exploration activities, employability skills and personal development opportunities to enable them to design a parent-approved individual graduation plan which provides direction for high school and postsecondary education so students can reach their highest potential.