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Idaho School Counseling Model:
A Framework for Comprehensive Programs

The Idaho School Counseling Model, Third Edition, was revised in May 2009. It’s content and approach embraces the American School Counseling Association’s National Model©.

The Idaho School Counseling Model supports a school’s academic mission by promoting and enhancing the learning process for all students.


The model integrates academic and professional-technical development, life and career development, and personal and social development.

The Idaho School Counseling Model encourages professional school counselors to become catalysts for educational change and to seek leadership roles in educational reform.



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  • Cover

  • Foreword~Introduction~Acknowledgements

  • Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: A School Counseling Program Is…

  • Chapter 2: The Idaho School Counseling Program

  • Chapter 3: Foundation

  • Chapter 4: Delivery System

  • Chapter 5: Management System

  • Chapter 6: Accountability System

  • Chapter 7: Implementation

  • Appendices

  • Toolkit