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Membership in the Idaho FFA Association is extended to those students who are enrolled in an agriculture education class at the secondary school level. Enrollment in an agriculture class is a prerequisite to FFA membership. For a list of schools offering agriculture education courses please visit our district's page.

Idaho FFA Membership InformationAffiliation

2010 National FFA Dues Increase

Affiliation option for membership in Idaho

"Making a Difference" article on affiliation

AgCN On-line Membership Instructions:

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AgCn Membership Instructors Guide
AgCN Membership Student Guide
AgCN "top twelve" steps - Presented at Summer Conference 2012

2014 -2015 Membership Open

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2014-2015 FFA Membership Fees

Traditional dues on the left - Affiliation model on the right (click to enlarge)

Affiliation for Idaho Table

FFA Membership Dues   2014-2015  
Options State Dues National Dues Total Cost
1 yr = M $9.00 $7.00 $16.00
3 yr = T $15.00 $20.50 $35.50
1 + 3 yr = F $18.00 $27.50 $45.50
New Horizon Magazine = K   $12.00 $12.00






  • M type membership is for general enrollment in FFA at any grade level
  • T type membership is open to graduated seniors only
  • F type membership is open to incoming/current seniors only

Make checks payable to: Idaho FFA Association
Mail checks to:
College of Western Idaho
Attn: Shannon Chapman
Department: PTE Accounting
PO Box 3010
Mail Stop 1000
Nampa, ID 83653

Important Notice about Invoices and Refunds

Information from National FFA; March 1, 2012.

Advisors are encouraged to please work with their state FFA office in to properly handle invoices and refunds. National FFA invoices all state FFA offices for all members (M, T, and F) that have been approved at the state level for submission to the national level. With the new AgCN system its been observed that there have been some errors, especially in what is pushed forward as 'T' and 'F' type members. If an error has been made, it can be corrected but it is important that the local chapter pays the state for the original submission and then receives a refund for the error.

  • For example, Johnny Greenhand was submitted to the state office and then on to the national level as a type 'F' member but he is actually a regular 'M' member. The local chapter will be billed for $45.50. The local chapter needs to pay this and notify the state office that Johnny is actually a type 'M' member. The state office will have the national level change his membership type and then will issue a refund for the difference of $29.50 to the local chapter.

The total for the original invoice must be paid and then a refund is granted to finalize the membership process. Please contact Tammy Ackerland with questions; 208-334-3216.

Important Information Concerning Missing Membership

There is a $25 surcharge per year for any past year(s) of missing membership for an Idaho FFA member.  Missing membership is defined as follows: Any student that can prove chapter FFA membership (via their advisor) through proof of enrollment in an agricultural education course and engagement with the FFA chapter can request to be added to their respective FFA chapter roster after the open membership enrollment period is closed.  Open enrollment for annual FFA membership in Idaho is mid September through May 1st of each school year. 

Acceptable documentation for proof of missing membership:
School transcript to show past enrollment in an agricultural education course.
Chapter POA, OR chapter meeting minutes, OR school yearbook, OR local newspaper article,  OR score sheet showing CDE participation during the period of the missing year(s) to prove activity with the local FFA chapter during the time in question. 


Important Membership Deadlines

October 1st - Deadline to declare intent to operate as an "affiliation chapter"

December 1st - All rosters due

March 15th - Deadline for adding additional members to a roster for participation at SLC (non affiliation chapters only)

May 1st - Final deadline for adding additional members for the year (including participation at State CDEs) (non affiliation chapters only)