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The Idaho FFA Association was chartered on September 4, 1929. The charter was issued by National FFA President Leslie Applegate and Executive Secretary Henry Groseclose. Idaho received charter number 17 making it one of the earliest states in the western US to receive its charter. As one of the official 18 states with delegates, Idaho was represented at the first National FFA Convention in Kansas City, MO. Idaho sent State Director of Vocational Education William Kerr and vocational agriculture teacher John Feldhusen of Twin Falls. Three Twin Falls students were among the original 33 delegates. One of Mr. Feldhusen's students, Carol Baker was awarded Idaho's first American FFA Degree; one of the first ten degrees awarded nationwide.

Vocational agriculture programs organized statewide in the spring of 1929 and voted to join the newly formed national Future Farmers of America. Fifteen chapters were originally chartered statewide. Idaho led the way early in agriculture education as seen in this April, 1930 article in the Agriculture Education Magazine.

Original chapters in order of charter date

1 Malad 4 Gooding 7 Aberdeen 10 Boise 13 Moscow
2 Rupert (Minico) 5 Twin Falls 8 Blackfoot 11 Firth 14 Sugar-Salem
3 South Fremont 6 Nampa 9 Lapwai 12 Burley 15 Culdesac
William Kerr


C. B. Wilson was recognized as the first State Supervisor of Vocational Agriculture in 1918. Mr. Wilson was a teacher trainer at the University of Idaho with a one-quarter appointment as the state supervisor. With the rapid growth of vocational agriculture programs a full time state supervisor was needed in 1919. Melvin Lewis was hired full-time for one year. In 1920 George Denman was hired from his position teaching vocational agriculture at Twin Falls. Mr. Denman undertook efforts to organize the state's first SAE record keeping system and is credited with starting the state's first Summer Conference in July of 1920. The first State FFA Advisor was William Kerr who oversaw the beginnings of the Idaho FFA in 1929 and served as state supervisor from 1921-1937.

William Kerr 1886-1954
Idaho's first State FFA Advisor (1921-1937)

Idaho FFA Success

Idaho has experienced a rich history of success at the national level in FFA with a number of national winners in proficiencies, CDEs, and other award areas.

Idaho FFA National Proficiency Winners

Forty-eight Idaho FFA members have been named national finalists in their proficiency area. Of these members, thirteen have been named national winners.

1973 Michael Kendall, Emmett, Livestock Production
1979 Richard Durrant, Kuna, Agricultural Mechanics
1994 Ryan Arave, Burley, Soil and Water Management
1995 Zane Gillette, Burley, Agricultural Processing
1996 Jere Stewart, Kuna, Agricultural Processing
1996 Brad Pickett, Burley, Landscape Management
1997 Ty Beck, Burley, Fruit and/or Vegetable Production
1998 Bret Garrard, Burley, Specialty Crop Production
2001 Mindy Jenkins, Kuna, Diversified Horticulture – Entrepreneurship
2002 Reid Bowen, Burley, Specialty Crop Production
2005 Daniel Richards, Melba, Diversified Livestock Production – Entrepreneurship
2005 Ashley Hughes, Cambridge, Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship/Placement
2006 Eric Larson, Burley, Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication Entrepreneurship/Placement

Complete list of Idaho National Proficiency Finalists

Idaho FFA CDE National Winners

1928 Idaho FFA*, high team National Livestock Evaluation CDE
1970 Parma FFA, high team National Meats Evaluation CDE
1973 Kuna FFA, high team National Dairy Cattle Evaluation CDE
1980 Vicki Tesnohlidek, Fruitland; high individual National Dairy Foods CDE
1980 Fruitland FFA, high team National Dairy Foods CDE
1992 Fruitland FFA, high team National Farm Business Management CDE
1995 Ryan Isom, Fruitland; high individual National Farm Business Management CDE
1995 Fruitland FFA, high team National Farm Business Management CDE
1997 Kurt Humphrey, Declo; high individual National Poultry CDE
1999 Chris Culver, Fruitland; high individual National Farm Business Management CDE
2008 Kuna FFA, high team National Farm Business Management CDE
2011 Cambridge FFA, high team National Environmental and Natural Resources CDE
2011 Kuna FFA, high team National Farm Business Management CDE
2011 Joshua Winger, high individual National Farm Business Management CDE

* = individual chapters were not designated for early national CDEs; instead team members were from various chapters that represented the state as a whole

Idaho FFA Star Finalists

1936 Howard Annis, Twin Falls; Star Farmer
1955 Lynn Loosli, North Fremont; Star Farmer
1985 Byron Tlucek, Melba; Star Farmer
1992 Darren Funk, Burley; Star Farmer
1998 Jere Stewert, Kuna; Star Farmer
2010 Gabriel Flick, Middleton; Star in Agribusiness

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