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Riely Elaina  Geritz
Idaho FFA State President


April showers, brings May flowers; and after April’s downpour of inspiration, CDE success and excitement for the end of the year it’s pretty clear that Idaho FFA is ready to bloom with leadership, growth and progress.  The time after State Leadership Conference (SLC) always proves to be fast paced and a ton of fun as we ready ourselves for the events of the summer. As we attend banquets, say goodbye to our outgoing seniors and remember the accomplishments of the year, we also look forward to growth and a new beginning.  Spring is a time of newness and a fresh start as farmers ready the fields to plant the crops to be harvested in the fall.  We as FFA members are also planting seeds as we take on new roles in our chapters, plan for State Career Development Events (CDEs) and feel the excitement of a new year.


With the new year ending, many of us are preparing to run for chapter of district office. I have fond memories of putting on my best official dress, practicing answering questions with my dog, lambs, siblings or pretty much anyone who would listen and shaking the hands of a panel of interviewers sitting behind a table. As a retiring chapter and district officer, I sat behind the table this year and was amazed once again at the heart for service that so many FFA members across the state possess. Although an interview can be nerve wrecking, I encourage you all to take a leap of faith and let your passion be bigger than your fear and your desire to serve surpass your worry of rejection. Each and every one of us are called to serve and although we may all not get a position of leadership this year it is crucial to remember that “FFA office does not determine if we serve, it determines where!”   The new team of state officers just returned from our Blast Off training in Boise.  This week truly allowed us to take time to think deeply about how we want to spend the year serving and loving each and every one of you. We interacted with our new team, set goals, selected a theme for the upcoming year to be announced at State CDEs, and got a taste of the adventure we would be on this year as we dedicate our full self to you all as members.   As we all zipped up our new jackets for the first time I remember reflecting on the feeling of receiving my first chapter officer jacket and then my district one a couple years later.  I hope that all of you feel the same butterflies that we did as we embarked on the first steps of our FFA journeys.

As the year ends, it is easy for all of us to take light our responsibility and spend time admiring how far we have come instead of how far we are called to go. However, any good agriculturists knows that after seeds are planted, they must be cultivated in order to produce the most fruitful harvest .Idaho FFA members, I encourage you to sow your seeds, make a plan and work towards your goals for the next year.  Be brave, be joyful and bloom where you’re planted, just like the flowers of the spring. Reach out to me or any of the other State Officers if you need anything or would like to talk.  We’re here for you and believe in you all.


Much Love,
Riely Elaina  Geritz
Idaho FFA State President​


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