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Idaho CDE Study Materials

State CDEs Scantron sheets and electronic scoring procedures

Agronomy Scoring
Agronomy Scantron

Beef Carcas Quality Yield Grading Scantron

Dairy Cattle Scoring
Dairy Cattle Scantron

Dairy Foods Scoring
Dairy Foods Scantron

Forestry Scoring
Forestry Scantron

Livestock Scoring
Livestock Scantron

Meats Scoring
Meats Scantron

Ag Communications


Media Plan

CDE Resources

Ag Mechanics CDE materials produced by the University of Idaho Agricultural Systems Management Department

Tool and Hardware Identification Guide

Electricity Practicum Study Guide

Metal ID

2012 Ag Mechanics Rotations

Tool Reconditioning and Metal Identification


Fertilizer calculation example

Dairy Foods

2012 Products List

Environmental Natural Resources CDE materials produced by the University of Idaho Rangeland Center

Environmental Natural Resources CDE

2014 Guide

Forestry CDE materials developed by Idaho ag teachers in October 2009 during fall in-service

Forestry CDE Workshop

Food Science CDE materials produced by Dr. Jeff Bohlscheid at the University of Idaho School of Food Science

Food Science Exam

Food Science Study Guide

Sensory Training Presentation

Food Package Labeling Presentation

Food Products Complaint Letter Presentation

Dr. Bohlscheid Email welcomes any and all questions from instructors regarding the CDE and even language in the study guide.

Marketing Plan

Idaho specific rules and policies for the CDE

Guidebook from National FFA

Parliamentary Procedure CDE Materials

Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center

Past Parliamentary Procedure Written Exams

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Rangeland Assessment CDE materials produced by the University of Idaho Rangeland Center

Rangeland Assessment CDE