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Secondary PTE Forms

Request for New, Change In, or Reactivation of a Secondary Program - Due February 15th

Local Annual Application - Due April 1st

Statement of Assurances - Due April 1st

Certifications regarding lobbying, debarment, and drug-free workplace requirements - Due April 1st

*Forms must be submitted online. These printable copies are provided for previewing only.

Form 10E -- Program Enrollment - Due February 15th (semester schools); March 15th (trimester schools)
Form 10E Instructions
Form 10E Special Populations Definitions

Form 10F -- Program Budget Request - Due April 1st
Form 10F Instructions
Form 10F Excel Submission
Allowable Uses of Secondary Added-Cost Funds

Form 10R -- Actual Program Expenditure - Due July 15th
Form 10R Instructions
Form 10SS -- Summary of Secondary Student Completer - Due February 15th
Form 10SS Instructions
Form 10S -- Secondary Student Concentrator Graduate Worksheets

Form 10S Instructions
Secondary Follow-up Survey Sample

Form 25 -- Inventory Record - Due July 15th


2015-2016 PTE Assignment Credential Manual(ISEE assignment codes and corresponding endorsements)
2015-2016 PTE Courses, ISEE numbers, and Endorsement codes (Excel format)

FTE/Program Units Form